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Quilt Top Preparation

⋅ Your top must be squared. Click here to Google squaring a quilt
⋅ Press your top with all seams flat
⋅ Clip all threads on your top - stray threads can show through lighter fabric
Do not baste, pin or tack your top, batting and backing together

Backing Preparation

Backing must be squared and at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides.
(example: a 60"x72" top requires at least a 68"x80" backing)

Piece if required. If you sew the selveges together, use a 1/2" seam allowance, trim to 1/4" and press open.


If you provide your own, it must be at least 4" larger than the quilt top on all sides.
(example: a 60"x72" top requires batting to be at least 68"x80")


Thread selection can make a large difference in the appearance of your finished quilt. Decide whether you wish the stitching to blend or subtly contrast with both the top and backing.

Stitching Choices

⋅ same pattern edge to edge
⋅ edge to edge pattern in main area with different border pattern
⋅ individual block patterns and border pattern
⋅ echoing
⋅ stitch-in-the-ditch


Each job is individually priced based on the size of the quilt, the type of thread and the complexity of the stitching. We are pleased to provide you with a quote with a limited time price guarantee.

Drop Off or Mail In

We accept quilts by mail for those who can't drop off.

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